Drag Racing DP3000/DP2000

DP3000 module


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What is the password to get into settings?
Just click Ok.  There is no password on a fresh install 

Tree Does not come down when I click start?
Go to settings and click AUTO SET COM port button

Race finishes immediately after lights go green
Most likely a bad finish sensor

 Error 430
Uncheck All sounds or install voice drivers.  There are two programs in the voice driver directory run those two programs then voice should work

Error on start up
In Settings>Display/Print.....Make sure you have a printer selected for both time slip and regular.  You can not leave it blank.  If you have no printer installed on your computer,  you can select Microsoft XPS printer.

When running one car I have to wait a long time for results
Use the ESC key to force end of race. You can also reduce time out delay in settings 

Right side of the screen is missing not all the data is fits on the screen.
This is caused by having the screen resolution set to low.   You must have at least a resolution of 1024x768.  To increase resolution right click a blank area on your desktop and then click properties>settings and adjust screen resolution.

Both Prestage and Stage Lights come on at the same time

 Go to Settings>Stagging    You can select prestage/ stage on newer software version it is called Place car in stage beam.

Drag Pro modules
Some drag pros were designed to drive a 12volt tree,  they will not work with LED trees.  Plugging a 12 volt tree into a regular drag pro may damage the board.  IF you are not sure which one you have contact Trackmate

 Error 380 can't print

In the Trackmate software go to Settings>Printer   and select a printer for printing,  or probably blank right now,   if you do not see the printer you want then you will need to install printer driver.