Trackmate RC lap counter decoder


Download Software v7.56 Windows 8,10,11  Includes Manual and drivers   Latest Version Feb 5, 2023

Download Software v7.41   Windows 8,10,11  Includes Manual and drivers

Donwload for older Windows XP,7   Windows XP,7  Includes Manual and drivers

Download Manual   PDF


Trackmate RC lap Counter software video.  .  

Version 7.54

Improved display

Improved csv files

Improved data viewing on devices



The transponders are smaller now, are they still compatible with the old ones?
The new transponders released in March 2016 are only half the size 21mm x 10mm with the same performance  

What is the voltage range for the transponder?
Normally it will will be plugged into an empty receiver channel providing 5 volts, but if connected directly to a battery it is 13 volts max.  It can run on 1s  to 3s lipos

What is the difference between the Mini-z and the regular transponder?
Both transponders are the same only the connector is different

Can I use the RC transponder for quadcopters?
You should use the transponder specifically made for quadcopters

Is the system compatible with other transponders?
No but the good thing is our transponders are the least expensive on the market, with best infrared power.

How to transfer names to new version of software?  
Copy racers_all.txt found in data directory example: program files(x86)iridium650datanamesracers_all.txt  to program files(x86)iridium690datanames



Transponder not working 
LED should blink once every 7 seconds.  If the LED is blinking quickly it will not work.  This may be caused by having transponder plugged in backwards. On some Mini-z cars versions transponder will not work and will require a direct connect to the battery.  We provide an adapter cable for that purpose

 Missing Laps

Check that minimum lap time is set below your fastest expected lap time.

Look at the lap data,  do you see lap times that seem twice as long as they should be.  That would indicate missed laps, possibly caused by bad installation of transponder,  it should be placed under a clear windshield.

Find out who is missing the laps and check their transponder.  Transponders under a painted body won't work as well.
The sensors in the bridge should not be recessed into a channel,  this limits its viewing angle.

Interface not found
You may need to install USB to serial FTDI driver (for blue decoder board).    IF you are using the older red decoder it required a USB to serial cable and a USB driver for it.  

In Settings

  1. Select Trackmate Hardware  
  2. Take it out of Demo mode
  3. Select Com port

Make sure you are running RC Lap Counter software  (not the slot car software)