Trackmate DragPro Software

Supports DP2000,DP3000,DP500,DP900

Tournament/Bracket and clock are paid options 

Download DragPro v12.97   June 19, 2024


  1. Fixed timeslip printer wasting paper


  1. Added Print Racers and cars
  2. Fixed wireless sign
  3. fixed double entry for wireless system

**Autostart does not work on version 12.6.  Version 12.7 above fixes issue

There is no need to uninstall the old version. After installation you will have a new shortcut on your desktop, you may need to redo settings.  The most important setting to make it work are: Select type DP3000,DP500 or DP900. Uncheck demo mode, and select COM port. Set Timeout, must be longer than expected race times. Set Stagging type.  The clock and Bracket/tournment are paid options and you may continue to use your existing code. Those options are availble on the website. 

Download Bracket Software PDF file

Drag Pro Main Screen

race Results

Bracket Screen 2


1.    Can run several tournaments/brackets concurrently (new)



4.    All in one program

5.    Unlimited Racers

6.    Unlimited Cars

7.    No need to reenter names every week

8.    Remembers dialins

9.    Displays the cars last ET

10.  Can manually override winner

11.  Can manually select who gets BYE run

12.  Select whether Bye run goes at beginning or end of list

13.  Quickly select Buybacks

14.  Option for Buy Back racers to merge into next round or have their own round

15.  Supports multiple monitors

16.  Can keep race results on screen

17.  Print race slip

18.  Display / Print bracket list on screen, all or current round

19.  Print Bracket race list, or print racers list

20.  View logged races, now with auto update

21.  Data is saved to disk after each race, allowing you to resume your progress at any time.

22.  View / Print money report

23.  Add late racers/cars on the fly while tournament is in progress

Old version vs new version.

Upon installing the new version (DragPro-v12.x or greater), your current database will be duplicated, and the new version will operate with this duplicated database. Your racers' names and cars will remain intact, ensuring that no data is lost. It's important to note that the old version cannot be utilized to complete a tournament initiated in the new version. Additionally, any racers added in the old version(<11) after installing the new version will not be transferred to the new version.   


Note the following changes.  An option for Bye run has been added, to choose between Bye run at start or end of list.  Adding late racer is now done from Menu>Bracket>Add Late Racer

Running a tournament/bracket race

  1. Go to Menu>Bracket>Create New Bracket Tournament
  2. Enter Names and Cars
  3. Check mark racers and their cars for the tournament
  4. Name tournament and Click Create Bracket Button
  5. Check mark Bracket Tournament on Main screen, and select which tournament
  6. Click Next Race
  7. Click Start Race
  8. Repeat to create a 2nd and 3rd… tournament


FAQ and Fixing user errors and problems in tournament

I forgot to add a racer or a car

Click menu>bracket>Add racer to current round. Check mark racers and cars you want to add, then click add cars to the current round. You can do this even after a few races have been run.  Pairing of cars will be redone with remaining cars that have not raced yet.  If you check a car that is already in the bracket nothing happens, no car will be added.  It is not possible to remove cars from the bracket.  If cars or racers that are in the bracket are unchecked, don’t worry they will not be removed. Simply check the racers/cars you want to add.


I need to change the winner of the race

Click new winner in the win column


How do I rerun a race?

If you need to rerun a race you just did you can just click start race,  program will change winner if required.

If you want to rerun an old race from the same round.  Uncheck tournament mode, run the race, then manually change winner and loser by clicking on the Win column.


I made a mistake in selecting BuyBacks and I already clicked Next round, can I correct the mistake?

Yes, you can correct the mistake by clicking the restart round button,  Note that any race already run in the current round will be lost. 


How is the Bye selected?

Bye goes to the car with best Reaction time in the last round,  but you can also manually change it before  starting the next round.  Simply click on the bye column of the racer you want to give the bye to.


How do you do BuyBacks?

After the round is over you can checkmark in the buyback column.  Please verify it's all correct then click next round... 


List of bracket races disappeared?

Click Menu>bracket>View/Continue bracket. 


General FAQ


Can you use the bracket pairing without the DP3000 hardware?

Yes, You can use it as a separate program,  go to Menu>Bracket>bracket settings

Check mark Manual mode.  This will allow you to manually select the winner. 


Are you open to suggestions?

I will also be adding any suggestions you may have to make the whole experience smoother and faster.  


Can I try it before buying?

Yes,  you should download it and try it, but for bracket racing you will be limited to 10 cars.   If you like it you can buy the registration code,  and activate it.


What are the computer requirements?

Windows 8 or 10 or 11


How much does it cost?

 $300.  (check website current pricing) An unlock code will be sent to you so you can have unlimited cars in the Bracket Racing


Are there any Video instructions?

YouTube video, check it out

Plus a new video coming soon Jan 2024



Click on column heading to sort columns

Racers List  > then click print if you want a hard copy


Hot keys 

See help>hot keys for most current hotkeys

F1 Next Race  or / on numeric keypad

F2 Start Race or * on numeric keypad

Note that BYEs are selected by best RT times,  in the first round BYE are random. 



If there's an odd number of participants in a particular round, one racer may receive a bye run to balance the brackets. In this case, the competitor automatically advances to the next round without having to race against anyone.



Elimination: In the early rounds of a drag racing event, competitors face off in head-to-head races. The loser of each race is eliminated from further competition. Buyback Option: To give racers a second chance, organizers may offer a buyback option. This means that a participant who has been eliminated has the opportunity to buy back into the competition by paying a specified entry fee. Re-entry: After paying the buyback fee, the racer is allowed to re-enter the competition in a subsequent round. They essentially get a second chance to progress further in the tournament.

Note from Coder/programmer Daniel Groulx

Considerable effort and extensive testing have gone into this version. Despite our thorough testing, there may still be a lingering bug. We invested a significant amount of time in testing and resolving issues related to late racer additions, lane swapping, and round restarts.

Kindly report any problems you encounter as soon as possible, even if they seem minor. Additionally, we've decided to rename the program to DragPro, reflecting its compatibility with various Trackmate drag racing hardware such as DP2000, DP3000, DP500 (wired for outdoor use), and the DP900 wireless system designed for real cars or snowmobiles, among others.

Wishing you all an enjoyable racing experience,

Daniel Groulx


Updated Jan 30, 2024  Version 12.6