Reference: T1601rc

Brand: Trackmate Racing


Trackmate Iridium transponder for RC car.New version, half the size.  

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Reference: DL961

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Trackmate Slot Car Counter V972 Download

New in version 9.72  Feb,  2023 A software download link will be sent via email.  May take up to 1 Hour Software for slot car lap counter.   Requires Trackmate hardware.  Also has a demo mode which simulates races that requires no hardware... click view for more details

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Reference: DP3001-SELECT

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Guide Flag Sensor

Guide Flag Sensor. Stock some spares. Enter Track Thickness in Text field and click save

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Reference: 810

Brand: Trackmate Racing

RC Lap Counter Standard Package

Complete package hardware and software.    Infrared RC Lap Counter / Timer for radio Controlled cars.  This is everything you need to start racing on a track that is 10 feet wide.

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RC Basic Drag Racing System
  • RC Basic Drag Racing System

Wireless Drag Racing System


Drag Racing wireless system. New and improved in 2022, not only is there no cables form PC to starting line but also no cables from starting line to finish.    No need to unwind 600 or 1320 feet of cable. 

  • Quicker install
  • More reliable
  • No cables


Product customization

Don't forget to save your customization to be able to add to cart
  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
Tree Type
Speed Trap
Start Beam


Supports Windows 8,10.11    


Call for us for more info.  We can supply total package including laptop with pre-installed software. 


Basic system Includes:

  • Tree  48 inch high (Base of tree not included) requires AC power
  • LED bulbs
  • Start Beams
  • Finish Beams
  • Wireless Start Module
  • Wireless Finish Module
  • Master Wireless module with USB cable to  plug into PC
  • Prestage/stage cable
  • Speed / finish Cable
  • Software on flash drive
  • Toll free support
  • 1 year Warranty 

Does NOT include:

  • AA batteries
  • Printer  (optional)
  • Laptop  (available pre-configured if in stock .. Call)
  • Wireless Remote start  (Optional $120)


Software Features

  • Full Tree
  • Pro Tree
  • Bracket Racing
  • Index Racing
  • Two stagging modes
  • .001 accuracy
  • Prints race slips Automatically or Manually
  • Supports wired 60ft sensors
  • Sensor Test
  • Supports non standard Pro Tree and Full Tree Times
  • Swap Lanes In A Single Click
  • Flash winner on tree
  • Can be used for trial runs
  • Built in spreadsheet to view and sort logged races

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Reference: TRLAPTOP


Laptop preconfigured and tested with the Trackmate Hardware.  For drag racing, slot car lap counting, or RC car racing.

Price USD$400.00
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Reference: repair


This item is to request a repair.   Fill in product and problem fields. 

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Reference: TM60sensor

60 foot sensor cable

2 Lane 60 foot sensor cable for DP500 / DP900 drag systems. This an actual 60 foot cable not scale 60 foot

Price USD$64.00
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Reference: DPSC060K


Get 60 ft times. Add 60ft cable and sensors to your system.   Cable is 60 feet long, 

Price USD$420.00
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Reference: TM6sensor

6 foot sensor cable

2 Lane 6 ft sensor cable for scale 60ft times on RC drag systems

Price USD$62.00
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Reference: TR902

2 Lane Wireless Speed Trap

PC based wireless speed trap for 2 lanes Includes easy to align Trackmate Racing sensor beams PC wireless module

Price USD$1,450.00
In stock

Reference: sp500

Timeslip Printer

Ideal timeslip printer for all Windows based Trackmate Drag Racing systems, DP3000, DP2000, DP500,DP900Includes Free Data Cable. Will assist with the installation

Price USD$369.00
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Reference: custdrag

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Custom Drag System

Custom Outdoor Drag system.  We can customize for your application.  Call for details.  LED signs available

Price USD$10.00
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Reference: TR28867

Paper Roll for SP512

1 part white paper roll.  Compatible with SP512, SP200 Printers.  Print 300 races on one roll.  You can select number of copies in software.

Price USD$3.95
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Reference: DP500

Brand: Trackmate Racing

RC CAR Drag Racing System

Drag System For RC cars  Includes: Tree  48 inch high (Base of tree not included) Start Beams Finish Beams 132 feet of Cable Cable to PC Software on USB

Price USD$2,095.00
In stock