Reference: DL961

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Trackmate Slot Car Counter V972 Download

New in version 9.72  Feb,  2023 A software download link will be sent via email.  May take up to 1 Hour Software for slot car lap counter.   Requires Trackmate hardware.  Also has a demo mode which simulates races that requires no hardware... click view for more details

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Reference: T1601rc

Brand: Trackmate Racing


Trackmate Iridium transponder for RC car.New version, half the size.  

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Reference: 810

Brand: Trackmate Racing

RC Lap Counter Standard Package

Complete package hardware and software.    Infrared RC Lap Counter / Timer for radio Controlled cars.  This is everything you need to start racing on a track that is 10 feet wide.

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Reference: DP3001-SELECT

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Guide Flag Sensor

Guide Flag Sensor. Stock some spares. Enter Track Thickness in Text field and click save

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Street Racer V1.1 Dual Lane Package
  • Street Racer V1.1 Dual Lane Package

RC racing V1.1 Dual Lane Package


Test and tune RC (radio controlled) cars,

Two Lanes. Ideal for measuring times of RC cars  No computer required.  Small unit with LCD display.   Comes with 132 feet of cable on reel and two start beams and two finish beams and MPH beams 

Product customization

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  • 250 char. max


You can review last 10 races on LCD screen.  Includes easy to align Trackmate IR beams for start and finish.

Optional: Two starting lights off 25 pin connector,   see related products below

Self contained timer, no PC required. Used for trial runs. In start = finish mode same sensor start and finish line.  In start and finish mode separate sensors are used for start and finish. Unit Support two external lights, which accomplish almost as much as full size Drag Tree but without the cost. Here is how it works… when both lights come on racers get ready, racers go when lights go off. Light will come back on if racer red lights(leaves to early). When race is over Light will flash for winner. Results will be displaced on LCD display.  See features.


  • Radio controlled cars
  • Bikes
  • Running
  • ATVs
  • Skating


  • 2x24 LCD display
  • Supports 2 Lanes
  • Elapsed Time
  • MPH 
  • Reaction Time
  • Win Margin
  • Review last 16 races
  • Infrared beams
  • Runs on four AA batteries

With Optional Lights

  • Flashes Winner 
  • Supports external start/win lights







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Skateboard timer

Slalom skateboard timer, used world wide.   Firmware version 6.8.   Supports tape switches or Trackmate infrared beams.

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Reference: RC132

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RC Car Test and Tune Single Lane With MPH

Test and tune your RC car.  No computer required.  Small unit with LCD display.  Displays ET and MPH.  Comes with 132 feet of cable  and one start beam and one finish beam and one speed trap beam.

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Start Sensor Cable

Start sensor cable for  2 lane Street racer.  9 pin connector to RJ9

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Autocross Timing System

Autocross. Ideal for measuring times of cars, bikes, motorcycles.  Small unit with LCD display.   Comes with 100 feet of cable  and a start and finish beam and a 5 digit 8 inch LED display, 

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Skateboard Timer Package

Slalom 2 Lane skateboard timer, used world wide.   Firmware version 6.8.    Includes everything you need.  4 Infrared beams and Cables

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LED sign 8 inch

5 digit 8 inch LED sign,  works on 12 volts or 4s lipo.   Connects to Sports timer,  Speed trap.   

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Reference: SP102

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Speed Trap Plus

Speed trap. or use as timer.  Ideal for measuring speeds or times of RC cars, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Runners, Motorcyles, bikes, track and field.  No computer required.  Small unit with LCD display.  Can Display in KM or MPH.  Includes: Small timing unit with LCD display, two Infrared beams and cables.

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LED sign 4 inch

5 digit 4 inch LED sign,  works on 12 volts or 4s lipo.   Connects to Sports timer,  Speed trap.   

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