Reference: DL961

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Trackmate Slot Car Counter V961 Download

New in version 9.61  June,  2020 A software download link will be sent via email.  May take up to 1 Hour Software for slot car lap counter.   Requires Trackmate hardware.  Also has a demo mode which simulates races that requires no hardware... click view for more details

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Reference: T1601rc

Brand: Trackmate Racing


Trackmate Iridium transponder for RC car.New version, half the size.  

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Reference: 810

Brand: Trackmate Racing

RC Lap Counter Standard Package

Complete package hardware and software.    Infrared RC Lap Counter / Timer for radio Controlled cars.  This is everything you need to start racing on a track that is 10 feet wide.

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Driver stations in color

Driver Station - 6 Colors


This is a driver station also called a controller hook up panel.  Accepts banana plugs or aligator clips.   10 amp Direction switch.  Compatible with electronic controllers.   LED indicators. *** NOW IN COLOR

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Also get the Mini Relay panel,  highly recommended for a super easy installation.

  • Switch is used so you can drive in either direction
  • Dual color LED for power,  so you know if you are wired common negative or common positive, useful when using electronic controllers
  • 2.5 amp resettable fuse.   They are easily bypassed if needed
  • Terminal screw on the back side, no soldering required
  • Post can accommodate banana plugs or alligator clips


Measures: 4.3" x 2.25"  1.2" deep   (108mm x 57mm  28mm deep)

Also available with out the box part# TM103


  • Controller Hookup posts  take Alligator clips or banana plugs
  • Forward/reverse direction switch
  • 2 self-resetting circuit protectors,  one on the input and one on the brake line.  A fault LED will come on if the controller is plugged incorrectly
  • 4 status LEDs  - Very useful when wiring or troubleshooting. 
  • High quality terminal screw connections, no soldering or crimping required.
  • Super easy to wire - two wires to power,  two wires to track rails
  • One year warranty
  • Toll free support if required 877-756-8227

See video below on how to solder wires to track rails 

Tip: Use 18 gauge wire when soldering to the rails, bigger wire will be extremely difficult.


Product Details
Driver Station v1

Wiring diagram of driver station and mini relay panel

Download (15.47KB)
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Reference: RLY8

Slot Car Track Relay Panel With 8 Relays

The perfect relay panel for 1:24 scale commercial tracks that run on batteries or 50 amp to 95 amp power supplies.  Relay panel comes with 8 relays and master relay.  Can be easily connected to Trackmate interface. 

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12v volt Power Adapter

12 volt 500ma replacement power pack/ adapter  RC lap counter, Slot car lap counter, Drag_Pro2000/3000  

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Reference: ac232

USB to serial

USB to serial.  Required if your computer does not have a 9 pin serial port and only has USB ports.  New computers will most likely require the USB to serial.

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Reference: Reed-4

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Reed Switches

Four Reed switches for $14, Including heat shrink, Keep spares.  Normally used with HO slot car lap counters.

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Reference: SCP-2


SCP-2 Slot it Controller

SCP-2 analog Slot it Controller Universal Home / Club Racing (all polarity)(Replaces the need to select correct polarity)  Electronic controller for slotcars,  no need to have several controllers with different resistor values.  Fully adjustable.

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Reference: PD6

Brand: Trackmate Racing

Track Power Tap Distribution Box

High quality power distribution box,  no soldering or crimping required. Simply strip 3/16 inch from wire end and insert and screw down.  One input and 6 power tap outputs.  One required per lane.  Board can be removed and then box can be securely screwed down for easy mounting.

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Reference: GANTRY

Brand: Trackmate Racing


Gantry (Bridge) Uses infrared LEDs for light source. Recommended when using infrared sensors for lap counter . Includes DC adapter. Wires can go through table and be completely hidden. (Track not included).   Click view and select type

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Reference: SCLW

Wireless track call button

Wireless track call button, will require to solder 2 wires to the Tackmate interface,  instructions included.  Works up to 60 feet!

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Reference: 12v1600n

12v adapter 1.6 amps

12 volt adapter rated to  1.6 amps.  Used on Sell time units with 4 to 8 relays.    Required if you want to power more than 3 relays on a Trackmate interface.  

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Reference: CVGA-XX

Brand: Trackmate Racing


VGA extension cable - click view button and select length 15 pin Male / Female cable

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